Rich Snippets

Without clicking a search query, Snippets the few lines of text that appear under every search result—are designed to give users a sense for what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query.

Example of rich snippets:

Video Snippet

Images Snippet

Rating Snippet

Forum Snippets

Author Snippets

Shortener URL

URL shortening is a technique to reduce length of URL. The process have no different with local server 301 redirection.

There are several advantages of shorten a URL:

1. Link are easy to remember
2. Save space for both printing and social media purpose
3. Links can track and analyst e.g. number of click, visitor IP

Traditional way create shorten URL with htaccess e.g.

Instead of create 301 redirection URL our-self, the easier way is using 3rd party generator e.g.

Aeroshield website with URL shortner (short URL) (original URL)

Myessays website with URL shortner (short URL) (original URL)

Cherry Pom Pom website with URL shortner (short URL) (original URL)

Hing Tai website with URL shortner (short URL) (original URL)

PowerCool Film website with URL shortner (short URL) (original URL)

Inbound Marketing

Earning attention organically, without interrupting someone For example search engine traffic, earn social media follower and likes and creative blog content, instead of keep pushing promotion message to users regardless of they like it or not.

Iframe / Frameset

In HTML element iframe is used to embed a page content to the current HTML document. In this situation, the page itself is a container and the content is not belong to the page.

Many webmaster believe that iframe is not passing link juice nor index by search engine, by as the technology evolve, some argue that search engine can index the frame content and pass value.

Example, is an external office manufacturer site, by insert this code <iframe src=”” width=”100%” scrolling=”no” height=”1200″></iframe> we can call the content and display it to this blog.

On-Page SEO / OnPage Optimisation

On-page SEO is refer to improvement on the web page itself, which something we can control it internally. Page elements including:

  1. Title tag
  2. Meta description
  3. H1, H2 tag
  4. Strong tag
  5. image alt tag
  6. page naming
  7. file naming
  8. Page content
  9. file size
  10. broken link
  11. Anchor text
Pay Per Click (PPC) / Cost Per Click (CPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) / Cost Per Click (CPC)

It is an advertising strategic to drive more traffic to a website, the idea of no click no gain; advertisers require pay site owner / publisher when the ad is clicked.

Generate Sales Through Social Media Marketing

One of the most integral parts of any sales process is to have a clear understanding of the prospects, as well as the necessary steps in establishing relationships with clients. In this process, social media can be very helpful without utilizing much time.

What exactly is social media?
Well, social media basically refers to certain means of interaction carried out among different people, where they create, exchange, and share ideas or information through virtual networking. Social media can also be defined as a group of Internet-based apps that are developed on the technological and ideological foundations of Web 2.0, which allow the development and exchange of any user generated content. Relative to the current context, social media allows salespeople to observe brand prospects in terms of competition as well as response. Social media is a wonderful way to research the present day market condition, and provides opportunities to initiate conversations that lead to sales. Not only does social media help in generating new leads, but it also allows the entrepreneur to develop deeper relationships with existing clients. This encourages clients to make purchases from that specific brand over and over again. According to a sales expert from Engage Selling, nearly 70% of sales are conducted through social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Many other social media sites like Facebook, Orkut, and Google Plus are also good for brand promotion and product selling purposes.

But is it easy to carry out the sales process through social media? There are certain principles to follow in order to achieve success. Have a look below:

Sort out the best available methods to connect with positive prospects.

Before joining any of the social network sites, it is necessary to get a clear idea of the client base. Remember, social media can be quite a useful product advertising and selling tool if and only if the prospects as well as existing clients are using it. It can be a total waste of time and effort otherwise. So find out which type of social media sites the prospects are most likely using. In the most common scenario, prospects prefer accessing Facebook to any of the other social media options. Yes, there are other options like Twitter and LinkedIn available, but Facebook still remains the most used social networking site. To carry out direct selling of retail products, it is better to use a vastly popular social networking media like Facebook.

Next, it is necessary to join a specific community. Try to create a personality for your business brand.

Joining a community can work wonders to popularize a business. Create your personal account, join a community page, carry out conversations, and try to become acquainted with the expectations and norms of the community. Try to create a personality that is trustworthy and likeable within the community. Through this approach, you can slowly build relationships with different prospects. Have open conversations and learn about their preferences. Share with them your product, and the benefits of using them. This can lead to positive outcomes, if carried out properly.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, travelling and Internet surfing. She contributes to technology news.

Web Crawler / Web Spider / Search Engines Spider

Web Crawler / Web Spider / Search Engines Spider

Web Spider is an automated tool to scan and record world wide website. The spider begin scanning from few webpage, then follow links relationship to more webpage. By running the crawler repeatedly, search engine able to filter and monitor worldwide web content accurately.

How Search Engine Work

Daily we replied on search engine find information, but do you know how search engine work?

A search video present by Matt cutts